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medievalwombat's Journal

Subtly subversive...
1 December 1984
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Reluctant post-modernist, searching for a metanarrative.
An exercise in absurdism.
A subtly subversive spatio-temporal being.

absorbing useless information, alternative sexual paradigms, architecture, atlases, being a beer-wanker, bin-diving, bodhrans, buildings, cartography, casuarinas, composting, concrete, correct id3 tags, crystals, dilbert, ducks, environmentalism, fantasy, fine cuisine, frozen cockroaches, fruit, gardening, gardens, garlic, geomancy, giving hell to fundamentalists, google earth, goth metal, grammar, gum trees, kittens, languages, ley lines, linguistics, meditating in inappropriate places, meditation, metaphysics, non-preconditioned spirituality, observing the human condition, obsessing over sound quality, ogg vorbis, pepper, permaculture, photography, politics, postmodernism, prettyful things, purple, purple pants, salt shakers, science fiction, shocking prudish types, street-shopping, the colour eleven, the moon, the number green